VTU Degrees Are Now Useless! – True or False – Know the truth

Today one image is going viral in social media and WhatsApp about VTU,

VTU Degrees Are Now Useless
VTU Degrees Are Now Useless
  • It states that “VTU Degrees Are Now Useless” 
  • According to it, The news was published in THE HINDU newspaper on August 30, 2016.
  • So Let’s now Analyze it and  Find out if it’s True or FAKE.

“After our 5 min looking into this image and It proved to be it is FAKE. We will let you know why it is fake and we will also tell you, WHY VTU Degrees are never going to be useless”

  • We searched it on THE HINDU website, and we didn’t find any news regarding it
  • VTU is the Government organization means if it has any problems that don’t mean it will be closed, or its degrees will become useless.
  • We also tried to contact VTU on their official facebook and twitter handles, and they also confirmed it.
So, Don’t worry guys, just concentrate on studies and do well in exams.
We will keep you informed about any updates and news in the future also.

Do comment  your views and Suggestions too.

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