Split Your monitor screen in Windows 7 or 8 or 10

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In this quick guide, we are going to tell amazing productivity hack to split monitor screen of your laptop and PC in two parts, so that you can do multitasking or use two different apps at same time and in same screen.

isn’t it amazing? In this quick how-to guide, we will use Windows bult in options to split screen, and we will also describe some third party apps to do the same but we will recommend the built in option and it’s real easy and time and resource saving for your pc.

If you’re having an wide screen monitor like 15″ or 17″, then you should really use this windows feature to split your screen and enjoy the two screens at same time.We will also explain to split your screen in dual monitors and you can also have two different wallpapers on them.so let’s discuss the procedure to step-by-step on how to split screen windows 10 or 8 or 7 and xp too.

How to Split Screen Windows XP

  1. First, you need to open or run two applications to split the screen either horizontally or vertically.
  2. Right click on one app tab from taskbar and press & hold “CTRL” key then select both the tabs.
  3. Now either select tile vertically or tile horizontally according to your needs.
  4. Now yu can see your screen split in two portions.


How to split screen on windows 7 and windows 8

  1. From Windows 7, Microsoft added a feature called snap, which makes easy to split screen without doing any efforts.
  2. You can just drag windows on the screen and they will “snap” into place. Just Drag  a window to the far left, far right or to the top and you’ll suddenly see this translucent border frame appear.
  3. The window will take up half the screen on the left side because we dragged the window to the far left side of the screen.
  4. Next you need to take another window and drag it to the far right and it will automatically fill up the right half of the screen. You have just split your screen in Windows 7/Windows 8. that was quick and easy 🙂

Windows 7 with multiple monitors, can use this dragging technique to split programs on the other monitors too, so it expalins you to how to split screen on windows 7 with two monitors. Windows 8,  users can do the same , but you’ll also have a separate taskbar for each monitor.

How to split screen on windows 10

In windows 10, The snap feature is available with some upgraded advatanges, so will discuss it below.

How to Snap 4 Windows on Screen at One Time

1. using keyboard shortcut keys:

  1. Select application window you want to snap.
  2. Now press “Windows Key + Left or Right”  shortcut keys (your wish).This window will take the half screen.
  3. Press “Windows Key + Up or Down” to move that window up and down.
  4. Now repeat the procedure for all apps or window you want snap.


2.Using mouse:

  1. First open all the app windows you want to snap.
  2. drag the each window to corner where you need it.
  3. Push the app windows corner until you see the border outline.
  4. Now it will take the quarter of the screen.
  5. Repeat the procedure for all four windows.

You can also use snap assist app to snap the windows easily and quickly.

Third Party Apps to Split screen windows 10

We dont recommend the third party apps, and in windows 10, you don’t need it too.


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