10+ simple ways to make better business decisions

how to make better business decisions

Starting from scratch and growing the small business is not an easy job.Everything needs to be decided by yourself or a small team of your business.Sometimes its get uglier when you don’t have any idea about that thing nor experience.Sometimes entrepreneurs have to make critical business decisions based on gut feelings, your entrepreneurial instincts, and even wild guesses.Risk taking is good for the new business venture, but it depends on how much (ROI) Return on investment it can give.Bigger is the risk much greater will be ROI.

So today I’m going to share most simple and effective ways to make better business decisions and grow your startup or small business steadily and Rapidly.


  •  Project Management

For every project to complete successfully with customer satisfaction project management will play the more significant part.So in the 21st century, there are the number of tools available.Let’s discuss one or two here,

Capterra, provides thorough reviews of business-oriented software, has ranked Microsoft Project as the most popular project management software, As the application currently used by more than 22+ million users worldwide and growing.

  • Data Visualization

It is as important as project management as it helps to visualize all the data so that we can understand easily and plan the future decisions according to it.

The Data visualization helps in making key decision-makers in a number of ways.Such information will help to create multi-page spreadsheets and monotonous reports,Small, Growing, Big business owners can now use advanced software to display this data through computer imagery also in 3D . Not only does this simplify the process of comparing statistics, but it also presents the data in a simple imagery that is easily evaluated  by all levels of staff of you company.

  • Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics, as the name suggests, it is the process of using past data to forecast future trends, occurrences and events that help in future to your business. Almost all small businesses and enterprises have already using it to plan new and upcoming projects, to assess the profitability of new concepts.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer is the first non-human contestant on the popular game show “Jeopardy,”
Watson has a major use in predictive analytics. It uses advanced technologies such as cloud computing and data exploration.A free trial is available for those who would like to try out Watson Analytics before committing to purchase.


So let us discuss,

simple ways to make better business decisions

  • Break down major decisions into steps

According to top CEO’s and Founders of BIG companies breaking down the major decisions into steps will have greater impact on decision making.

  • State the decision and develop objectives
  • Always have  a list of alternatives
  • Calculate the weighted score of each alternative and Identify potential downsides for each alternative.
  • Analyzing Problems More Effectively
  • What’s the problem and how to find an effective solution
  • Assessing Risks and Rewards related decision-making
  • Create detailed financial projections of year
  • Create a business plan for each option
  • Put all decisions into action, assigning deadlines and responsibilities for each project
  • Break down the forecast into one-year time frames.
  • Track and record progress and update the forecast as needed
  • Meet with the CEO of your business through exercise

They can give you some great tips.

  • Enhance Internal Collaboration
  • Boost Customer Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction


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Do comment your thought’s and tips.

10+ simple ways to make better business decisions
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10+ simple ways to make better business decisions
Every entrepreneur faces problems in decision-making, To take the risk or not.To invest in this or not.So this guide will surely help small business owners to make better business effectively.
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