How to set custom ringtone in WhatsApp – Short Guide


Whatsapp – The most famous messaging and calling app across the world, currently having 1 billion monthly active users, Sometimes we feel like it would better if we set different or custom ringtone for some special people like, Girlfriend, Your Boss, anyone.So today we will tell you how to set custom ringtone in WhatsApp.

What you will learn today, 

  • How to Set WhatsApp Custom Ringtones on Android Phone
  • How to Set WhatsApp Custom Ringtones on iPhone
  • Assign Custom Ringtones and Custom Message Notification ringtones for Individual and Group Contacts on your Android Phone or tablet or on your iPhone.

In order to set WhatsApp Custom Ringtone For Individual Contacts, follow the steps given below :

  1. Open WhatsApp app from your android or iPhone interface.
  2. Tap on contacts tab.whatsapp images
  3. Now, click on the Contact for which you want to set Custom Ringtone.whatsapp images
  4. Now select custom notifications option. whatsapp images
  5. Now in the next option check custom notifications option, below that select custom notifications  tone for message and calls as shown below.whatsapp images
  6. now, on next screen select your favourite ringtone and tap OK.
  7. Similarly you can select notification tone.

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Set WhatsApp Custom Ringtone For Groups on android or iphone

  1. First launch your whatsapp app
  2. now open the group you want to set custom notofocation tone.
  3. tap on three dots on left top.
  4. now select custom notifications options as show above.
  5. Now, follow same procedure as above.
  6. select your desired ringtone and enjoy.

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