Seagate Launches 5TB Portable Hard Drive

seagate 5tb hard drive

It’s generation of 4k videos, full HD gaming and As our files getting bigger day by day, it also means that we need more storage. Gone are the good old days where a 1gb MicroSD was more than sufficient to store files from games to movies. But today the games taking up to 10-20GB of storage space, meaning that our portable hard drives need to be upgraded as well and its increasing day by day.
If you’re not a fan of carrying around an armful of hard drives and flash drives, you’ll be pleased to learn that Seagate has announced a 5TB portable external hard drive, a hard drive that they claim to be the world’s largest-capacity portable drive. At 5TB of storage space, we guess it’d be hard to argue against their claims.
Dubbed the Backup Plus 5TB, it will feature Seagate’s BarraCuda 5TB drive and will be usable on both PC and Mac as long as the NTFS drivers for Mac are installed. It will also feature USB 3.0 connectivity which is a bit unfortunate since we were hoping that maybe Seagate would start shipping USB-C drives in the preparation of the future, but we guess for users who have yet to make the switch it’s good news.
It also has an aluminum cover which helps to enhance its durability and good for hardcore users like games. As for pricing, the Seagate Backup Plus 5TB will retail for $190 and will be available for purchase later this month in the color options you see above red, blue etc.

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