How to automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or website {Updated}

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Everyone like me starts their blogging journey by creating their first blog on Google’s free blogging platform,

However, after growth in traffic, the moment comes when everyone will migrate to WordPress blog. Blogger provides an excellent platform for blogging absolutely free and easy for nonprogrammers.So today we are going to list more than one method to automatically redirect ur blogger blog to another blog or website using javascript or special meta tag.

Why & When to use it?

  1. When you want to redirect you blog to another.
  2. If you have just migrated to new domain. You are always limited in Blogger that’s why people were moving to self-hosted WordPress blogs.
  3. To divert all the traffic from a Blogspot or Blogger blog to your WordPress blog/site and enjoy the traffic and SEO of your Blogger blog to your new URL.

How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog / URL / Website

1.To redirect your complete Blogger and Blogspot blog to another blog or URL. This will redirect your homepage, posts, and all URLs in your blog to another specified external website or blog.This is if you just moved to new domain.

  • Step 1

Login to you blogger blog dashboard @ and first backup you template.

  • Step 2

blogger >> blog to be redirected >> click on template >> click on edite template

blogger blog

  • Step 3
  1. Now after clicking on edit HTML, press CTRL+F to find <head>
  2. add the following code just below <head>
<script type=’text/javascript’>
var d='<data:blog.url/>’;
d=d.replace(/.*\/\/*/, ”);
location.href = ‘’;

here you have to replace with your blog address you want to redirect.Now your blogger blog will be redirected to your specified site.

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2.To redirect particular blog URL to another blog or website. You can use this for redirecting user, from a particular page or post  to another external website for promotional purpose or SEO purpose.

  1. To do this add the following code just below <head> tag.
  2. Suppose if you want to redirect “” to say
  3. <script>
    if(window.location.href == ‘’)
  4. Replace above links with your specific URLs.


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3.And at last special meta tag method to redirect your all blog URLs to new blog

  • Add the following meta tag below <head> tag

<meta content=’3;url=’ http-equiv=’refresh’/>

  • Now after adding this special meta tag the blog will be redirected in 3 seconds as specified in code you can change it to 5 or more as per your requirement.

We will hope that this guide for redirecting your blogger blog to another blog or URL or website is helpful and if you are having any problem please comment below and we will get back to you in no time.

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