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Finding ways to make some extra passive income? Then, you are at right place, and we will explain the process of Mobile Tower Installation Procedure, Request And How To Apply and terms and conditions of it. It can be one of the sources of your passive income by using your land in outskirts or your building’s terrace.You can earn good money in the form of incentives from telecom companies.You must have seen several mobile telecom towers on the terrace of buildings in your city, and if you want one such telecom tower installed on your land or terrace of your building for some income. In this article, we will discuss exact procedure about how to request companies to Install mobile towers on your land? What is the mobile tower installation procedure? How to find mobile tower installation agents, online and offline? What are the rules and regulations and how to apply for mobile tower installation? How much is the mobile tower rent per month? You will get all the answers from this article.

First, you need to know, Some people in the name of mobile tower installation, doing fraud in India where fraudster finds vulnerable victims and lure them in the name of high rental for tower installation on victim’s property. These people ask the victim to pay some advance money for tower installation and promise victim with high rent, advance money at the time of installation, job, vehicle, long-term agreement, etc. So, I request people; please do not respond to such phone calls, emails, SMS, etc. where they want you to pay some advance money for tower installation in India. You can read more about tower installation fraud on Wikipedia or times of India news publications.



  • Check and confirm the operators who have towers installed in the vicinity of your land. If the area surrounding the spot where you want to lease out for the tower is almost barren with a minimal number of buildings, check in a radius if 1-2Km for towers.
  • Operators would prefer to have a single tower to service an entire area if the terrain is flat and if the area does not have many buildings.

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Mobile Tower Installation Procedure

  1. First thing to consider is the location – location is decided by the telecom company itself.
  2. Telecom tower installing companies decides the location based on RF(Radio Frequency) analysis and they will select the location based on the best result of RF analysis.
  3. They figure out the place where tower is required, and they approach the property owner to install the tower on roof of tallest the building of that surrounding locality. If you think, you have a property which is ideal for telecom tower as per your knowledge, but that property is not suitable for telecom operators then they will not install the telecom tower at your property.
  4. Here, we need to understand that if your property location is very important in the eyes of telecom companies, then they will contact you for the installation of the telecom tower.


You can also list your property in websites of private telecom companies, if your property is in the prime location, they will contact you.To do this, you will find the procedure below:


How to Find Someone, Who Can Install a Mobile or Telecom Tower on your Property

As you already know the fact, you should not contact agent for the tower installation on your property because you may be defrauded. Currently, there is ongoing mass fraud in the country where fraudster asks for registration fee before installation of the tower

If your property is suitable for mobile tower and from RF point of view, these private companies will approach you for installation of telecom tower. The private companies have the option on their website to post your property details.

For example, Indus Towers Pvt Ltd is a private company who takes the contract for tower installation for telecom companies. You can post your property details on their website using this link:

Mobile Tower Installation Companies

There are number of independent private companies who installs mobile  telecom towers on behalf of telecom operators or companies.

These private tower installing companies rent the prime property  and made them available to telecom companies for tower installation as per requirement and whenever the want. Below are some of the mobile tower businesses that you can get in touch and request them for renting out your property.

index of companies:

  • ATC
  • Bharti-Infratel
  • GTL
  • Hexacom
  • Indus
  • RITL
  • Viom  etc

These companies install mobile telecom towers for all the major telecom operators in India like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance, Aircel, Reliance jio etc.

Mobile Tower Installation Request Details and Procedure

Anyone Can list the property on companies website for mobile telecom tower installlation request. They will review your property detail and will notify you as soon as there is requirement of tower. They will show your property to various telecom operators, and the interested operator will approve your property for installation of the mobile tower.

Mobile Tower Installation Request Website Links

Below is the links to private companies website where you can post your property details for consideration for telecom tower installation:-


mobile tower installation in india

How Much Monthly Rent You Can Expect For Putting Their Towers On Your Residential Building

Private Telecom companies like Airtel, Aircel, TATA Docomo, Vodafone, Reliance, etc. are currently paying the high lucrative amount of cash for installing their telecom towers on your residential building or land, and it depends on their requirement. Rent paid by telecom companies for the telecom tower depends on the interest of telecom company, and it varies from 8k rupees to 100k rupees per month. If an individual telecom operator alone seeking for a location to place the tower it means they have the particular interest in that area and willing to pay more, sometimes bargain makes the rent higher not all the time. If they have contacted you for tower installation, then you should show your interest and bargain with them to get more monthly rent as much as their last limit. They have contacted you, and it means that they have requirement of the Telecom tower in that area.

In India, most telecom and mobile towers are installed by independent private tower companies or telecom infrastructure provider companies like Indus or ATC and they then rent it out to telecom companies like Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance, etc. The rent that tower companies and telecom companies pay depends directly on the real estate value of the location of the property and varies according to it, anywhere between Rs. 8000/ month to 1 lakh/ month in some places in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other metro locations. It is a factor of their desperation and the land owner’s negotiation skill.


Important Guidelines for Installation of Mobile Towers

As per the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 and rules made under it, all mobile phone service providers are hereby directed to follow the following guidelines strictly at the time of installation of the mobile towers.

  • Installation of Base station antennas within the premises of schools and hospitals must be avoided because children and patients are more susceptible to electromagnetic radiations.
  • Installation of Base Station Antennas in narrow lanes should be avoided in order to reduce the risks caused by any earthquake or wind related disaster.
  • The Base Station Antennas should be at least 3 m away from nearby buildings and antennas should not directly face a building. Further, the lower end of the antenna should be at least 3 meters above the ground or roof.
  • In case of multiple transmitter sites at a specific locality, sharing of a common tower infrastructure should be explored, as far as possible, which can be coordinated through a nodal agency.
  • Access to Base Station Antenna sites should be prohibited for general public by suitable means such as wire fencing, locking of the door to the roof etc. Access to tower sites, even for maintenance personnel, should be for a minimum period as far as possible.
  • Sign boards/warning signs are to be provided at Base Station Antenna sites which should be clearly visible and identifiable. A warning sign should be placed at the entrance of such zones.
  • The “Warning Sign” should discourage longer stay in the zone, even for the maintenance personnel. The sign board may contain the following text :
  1. Danger ! RF radiations, Do not enter !
  2. Restricted Area.
  • The operators and maintenance personnel, who are dealing with radio frequency devices, specially with Base Station Antennas installed on towers and at any other outdoor sites, should be protected from electromagnetic radiations. It is required that operators and maintenance personnel should be educated for possible hazards from these devices.

All local authorities are also requested that before giving any permission for installation of mobile towers, aforementioned guidelines should be considered.

Location of Tower

As per the guidelines framed in 2006, rules and regulations have been framed for installing a tower. No tower should be installed within 100 meter radius of hospitals and educational institutes. But these are not followed as many towers are seen without taking care of the guidelines. With regards to the location of towers, cellular operators shall avoid residential areas for erection of the same.

  • First preference shall be given to the location of towers in forest areas.
  • Second preference shall be given to the location of tower in the open or public areas away from residential locations.
  • Where it is not possible to avoid the location of the tower in residential area, the same shall not be located in open spaces or parks, with prior consent of the owners of adjoining residential houses.
  • Erection of towers shall not be allowed within a radius of 100 meters from residential buildings, schools and hospitals.

Permissions or Documents Required

  • Structural safety certificate from designated institute: This is an important certificate for installation of towers in buildings if the tower is installed on the building of a school.
  • Consent from authority: Mobile phone operators and building owners have to get the consent of the municipality or the respective authority. Ensure that the school or building owner has obtained required permission from the concerned authority to set up the tower.
  • Indemnity Bond: This is is required from the owner or service provider for the installation of the tower. Indemnity Bond is to take care of any loss or injury due to any accident caused by the tower.

In cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Bangalore, the civic body has launched a drive to remove the illegal cell phone towers in these cities. The civic body has observed that housing societies are giving permissions to service providers to erect towers for a rent. Before erecting such towers, it is necessary to check the structural stability of the building according to the Development Control (DC) rules.

SO now, you know how to procedure of Mobile Tower Installation Procedure, Request And How To Apply in india, contact details.

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