First of all, it’s the 21st century, and automation is taking over the world as new norm.and if you don’t adopt it as soon as possible, you will be lost in old methods of working, which are time-consuming and less productive and hence loss of your valuable time.

But, don’t worry!

You can learn to program online for free from beginner to expert level, and we will list all the available resources to do so. This list is well researched and prepared after checking its credibility, so you don’t need to spend time your valuable time to search for it and just jump start to Learn to Code for Free With These Online Resources. And I love to automate boring stuff with Python, and you will also love it.There are some fantastic python scripts available online to do amazing things for, e.g., downloading subtitles of your favorite movies and tv series automatically. Not only for automation, but you can also make some bucks online by freelancing on sites freelance, etc.

So let’s not waste time, and start to learn to code freely and interactively

General websites:

1. Codecademy: Learn to code interactively, for free.

When it comes to coding, codecademy is undisputed no.1 to learn coding online; you can do it interactively in a couple of minutes. Yes, you heard correct, in a couple of minutes in your browser. And you can see the results almost immediately.

They cover these topics: Make a Website, Make an Interactive Website, Learn Sass, Deploy a Website, Learn JavaScript, Learn Rails,Learn AngularJS, Learn ReactJS, Ruby on Rails Authentication, Learn the Command Line, Learn Git,Learn SQL, SQL: Table Transformation, SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics, Learn Java, Learn HTML & CSS, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby, Learn APIs

2. Udemy :

It’s like eBay for selling skills online; here anyone can make courses for free and paid. There is much more free course available to learn to code with videos.

3. MIT OpenCourseWare :

It’s a free initiative of MIT, where anyone can learn available courses by enrolling it and learn it free.

4. Mozilla Developer Network :

As the name suggests, it’s powered by Mozilla, where you can get content rich resources to learn programming.

5. Udacity :

It’s like online university, where anyone can enroll and kickstart learning.

6. The CodePlayer :

If you are fan of learning everything from scratch, then codeplayer is for you, where they teach you from very core bases and interactively.

7. Coursera :

It’s brings courses from more than 70 universities all over the world and they offer these courses in more than five languanges like english, spanish, etc

8. Khan Academy :

It’s like online library, where millions students are learning digitals skills everyday.

9. Learn Python the Hard Way :

If you are fan of automation, then you must learn python and this website is what you need right now, it teaches you the python the hard way, you heard right hard way but it teaches you everything.

10. HTML5 Rocks

When it comes front-end web developement, HTML still rocks!, And latest one is HTML5. This site is very useful and teaches you everything with examples and all the resources you need.


These are some youtube channels to learn coding online

Happy coding. ❤️
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