How to Get Hyderabad Karnataka Reservation 371J certificate • Procedure


Today we will tell you the full procedure for applying for  Hyderabad Karnataka Reservation 371J certificate, Eligibility, application form, Processing time, Validity of 371j certificate, Uses, and Advantages of having Hyderabad – Karnataka 371j certificate in educational and employment fields.What is the procedure for applying for reservation under Article 371(J)?, and What is the use of it?



  • Obtain the study certificate in the format provided by the Hyderabad – Karnataka development board (candidate must have studied at least ten years in Hyderabad – Karnataka region), study certificates must be signed by the BEO officer.
  • Get an affidavit from the court stating that you are the resident of Hyderabad – Karnataka region.
  • Candidate must have at least 3 ID proofs; those must be mentioned in the affidavit. (Driving License, PAN, Birth Certificate, Voter ID, Passport, Adhar, etc.)
  • Get the TAX paid receipts of 10 years old and recently & khata extract of the house in the name of the owner. Or rent agreement document from owner & TAX paid receipts of owners.
  • All documents must be attested.
  • Submit all these documents(attested) at nearest Tehsil office.
  • You will get your Hyderabad – Karnataka certificate 371j in an  around 30 working days

371 j Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application

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Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application-1 Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application Hyderabad Karnataka Eligibility Certificate Application

 Who is eligible?

  • According to the Karnataka Public Employment (Reservation in Appointment for Hyderabad-Karnataka Region) Order, 2013 issued by the Governor recently, a person will be eligible for reservation under Hyderabad-Karnataka quota if he/she is born in the region or either of his/she parents was born in that region before January 1, 2013.
  • The person will also be eligible if either of  his/her parents lived in the region for more than ten years prior to January 1, 2013, and had their name in the electoral list .
  • A person who owned any immovable property in the local area before the cut off date is also eligible.



  • In case a minimum educational qualification has been prescribed for recruitment to a post, then the candidate will become eligible if he/she has studied in an educational institution in the local area for not less than ten consecutive years.
  • A woman (from outside Hyderabad-Karnataka region) who marries a local person also becomes eligible for the benefits.
  • In all cases, certificates from the competent authorities is required.
  • The competent authorities will have to issue the relevant certificates within thirty days from the date of its receipt of application after verifying required documents.
  • The competent authorities will also have the powers to conduct inquiry to verify the veracity of the claims, the sources said.
  • The government has earmarked 75 per cent of the posts belonging to Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’ , 80 per cent of posts of Group C and 85 per cent of posts in Group ‘D’ for the local population.
  • The quota for the local cadres in districts outside Hyderabad-Karnataka has been fixed at eight per cent.

As per Deccan herald report.

HYDERABAD KARNATAKA regionWhat is Article 371-J?

  • It’ll grant special status to six backward districts of Hyderabad-Karnataka region to,
  • Establish a separate Development Board
  • This board will see that sufficient funds are allocated for Development of the region.
  • Local reservation in education and Government-jobs (Domicile requirement.)

Source: Karnataka govt

For any more queries visit the official website of Karnataka govt for Hyderabad – Karnataka reservation certificate 371J.

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