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In this tech-savvy age, Day-by-Day the Communication is getting easier. And It’s happening through the Internet. The first communication over the web was ever taken place through the E-mail (Electronic Mail). Today there are many free email service providers out there like Gmail, yahoo, outlook, and much more blah blah blah…. But today we will share the exclusive trick to create free custom cool and geeky email address for [email protected], [email protected],, and 150+ more like this which will share below.But the problem with those providers (Gmail, Yahoo) is they provide their own fixed common domain for the emails like [email protected] and today it’s going to change. If any internet user wants any custom domain he/she has to pay few bucks to the Provider. Google offers the custom email service for about $5/month called Google Apps. So after a little research, we have found a very cool and good email provider who gives access to the free custom email service along with a bunch of amazing features with absolutely free of cost. At present, there are around 150+ custom email domains available to choose from for free from this free email service provider. Now Let us see how we can get this free custom email service.

How to get free custom email service Like [email protected] ?

Have you ever wondered how to get an email address as [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] ? If yes then it’s possible, and it’s very easy to create one of your own. Just select your email extension with your favourite domain extension from a huge list of about 150+ various domains using email service.

Any custom email address can be registered for free using free email service. allows the users to register and have about ten alias addresses at a time, and all those aliases can be accessed from a single account. Below is the list of free custom domains of various categories available for registering email. Have a look at them and select your favorite domain extension for your email.For example, if you are a student of engineering, then you can select [email protected], which will look cool and at the same time it is also looking professional.


Tech Related Email Extensions

Jobs Specific Custom Email Extensions

Hobbies Related Email Extensions

Spiritual Email Extensions

USA Specific Email Extensions

How to Create Custom Email address for Free

  1. First Go to
  2. Now click on signup button and create an account as
  3. Fill in the details and choose your favorite custom domain from the scrolling domain list like or or anyone from the listGet free custom Email address
  4. Create the account and That's it now you can share your email with anyone which looks cool and professional.

If it shows any error in account creating use proxy servers from here and Your account will be created without any hurdle.


How to use more than one custom email address at a time?

Using service users can setup upto 10 custom extension emails for free, if you need more then you have to opt for the premium feature. It’s very easy to setup different emails all pointing to your first registered mail i.e., you can send and receive different emails from the same one account. And this feature is called “Alias addresses”. and Let's see how you can do it.

To setup alias address for your email:

  1. Login to your account and click on Home tab which is located at top naviagation bar.Create-alias-email-address
  2. In the left sidebar under Access options click on “Alias address
  3. In the Create Alias Address enter your email username and select your favorite domain from the list of domain names and press create alias button present at the bottom.Create-alias-email-addressNow you can see all of your email adresses listed and you can choose the default one according to your convenience.
  4. You can also check out cool alternative to -

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So that’s how you can create your favorite custom email address or how to get a custom email domain for free.You can use these email addresses based on your work, hobby, good sounding domain or for any other reason.
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