How to Easily Block Gmail Future Emails from Any Sender/Selected Senders


gmail Who don’t know about Gmail?.When it comes to Email the first name flashes in our mind Gmail.But in today’s world there are number of spammer’s and email marketer’s spamming our inbox.So If you ever wanted to get rid of them then here is the guide to block them permanently.After finishing reading this guide you will be able Easily Block Future emails from any sender or selected senders.

It’s very simple just few clicks away sound’s easy.Let’s Find out.

Follow the below steps to Quickly block future emails from specific or selected senders and protect your Email

  1. First Login to your Gmail account.If you’re already login then skip this step.
  2. Open the Senders  Email you want to Block from inbox.
  3. Click on DOWN ARROW on right side beside reply and star button as shown in below email
  4. Now press Block (user), you will get warning message that future emails from this sender will be directly sent SPAM Ok and you’re done.
  5. If you want to block any other sender or selected sender then repeat the procedure.
  6. If you ever blocked someone by mistake, you can unblock them using the same steps.


However, Future email from these blocked email will not be seen in inbox.But The spammers always find ways to spam.So it’s our responsibility to keep our email safe Please don’t share your email address with anyone that you don’t trust.

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