How to Forward Calls on your iPhone – Short & Smart Guide

Easy and Quick guide for call forwarding in iPhone for both GSM and CDMA iPhones.

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You may be thinking call forwarding is an easy task, well it is an easy task, but it depends on whether your iPhone uses GSM or CDMA standard.

  • If you’re using GSM network like AT&T or T-Mobile, the process will be an easy task, just by going into phone settings.
  • If you’re using CDMA network from Sprint or Verizon, you need to type some specific Carriers codes on phones dial pad, by using special hidden Carriers codes you can activate call forwarding on your iPhone.

So let’s follow the following procedure to activate call forwarding in iPhone, first we will discuss gsm and then, CDMA.

How to Forward calls on iPhone for GSM networks like AT&T, T-Mobile or any other gsm Carriers

  • first, go to SETTINGS app in your iPhone.
  • Tap on phone settingsiphone
  • Now click on call forwarding option as shown below.


  • Now turn it on by sliding the button on left side


  • Now type the phone number you want to forward all call from your iPhone to your desired number and click Go.

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  • Finally, you’ll see your number listed like in below picture and call forwarding button colour turned green.

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  • And, if you want to turn off just disable the button and call forwarding will be turned off.And, the number will be remembered, if want to turn on call forwarding in future just activate the button and immediately call forwarding service will be activated.If u want to change the number, click on the number and save it.

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How to Forward Calls on iPhone for CDMA networks like Sprint, Verizon or any other gsm Carriers

CDMA-based iPhone users like Verizon or any other CDMA network carriers will not be having call forwarding options in the settings app, and they need to enter special carrier code to activate call forwarding.

  • To setup call forwarding using carrier code, first, open the iPhone keypad and enter the number following code followed by the number you want to forward. and hit the call button.

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  • This codes can change in future to find correct code you need to hit the official website of your carrier and to enable and disable call forwarding you need to enter code and hit the call button.
  • Following are the codes for major USA CDMA carrier codes.
  1. Verizon : To enable, dial *72 the ten-digit phone number. To disable, dial *73
  2. T-Mobile : To enable, dial **21* the ten-digit phone number. To disable, dial ##21#
  3. Sprint : To enable, dial *72 ten-digit phone number. To disable, dial *720
  4. AT&T : To enable, dial **21*ten-digit phone number. To disable, dial #21#


In this method, the you will not get any notification icon, if u need to check if calls are forwarding you need to call and verfy.

Hope this guide has helped you, do share with your friends and if you have any problems comment below.

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