Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click – 2016

Add All Friends To Facebook Group By Single Click

Facebook Groups – Yes, Everyone uses facebook group for one or other cause like, For School, College discussion groups, Your project groups or Business and Promotion groups. Which we use for discussion. So it’s not an easy task to add too many friends, and you face difficulty while adding them one by one.Here is simplest and easiest way which will help you to add all friends to a Facebook group in less than 20 seconds.There is no limit like you can add only 100 or 200 friends using this script, you can add all of your Facebook friends in a single click by using this code, which is tested by our many users.


Note: Don’t use any chrome extensions or any plugin because, at the end  of story, you will regret as they will spam on your profile

How To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once

Adding all your friends to a Facebook group manually is a time-consuming and annoying process, In case your friend list is more than 500+ 0r 1000+, then this process will take real shit out of you. So don’t worry just follow the following instruction and you can add all your friends to an FB group in no time.


  • Laptop, PC, or MacBook with Firefox or Chrome installed
  • You can use Firefox, but, we recommend you chrome because firefox gets stuck sometimes. If you don’t have Google Chrome, then you can download here.
  • Working internet connection.

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The Steps To Add All Friends To Facebook Group At Once are:

  1. Login to your Facebook account, and Navigate to the group you want to add all your friends.
  2. Now you don’t need to click on add member’s or anything just Press F12 or open developers developers window
  3. Now copy the following code or script (100% safe)
  5. Now press CTRL+A to copy and CTRL+V to paste the code in Console and press Enter.Code to Add All Friends To Facebook Group
  6. Now see the magic and you don’t have to do anything
  7. After adding all the friends to the group, the script will show the notification.

This script is 100% safe and regularly updated whenever needed, and you can comment below if the script is not working, It will be updated in few moments.

Note: – Be careful with Facebook’s Policy, terms and conditions for being at safe side.

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